Abby Breece

Abby graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary
Education and later with a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is especially
passionate about working with individuals trying to better understand and embrace their
authentic selves, utilizing the Enneagram as a transformative resource for self-discovery,
healing, and wholeness. Abby has and continues to receive extensive training on the
Enneagram through the Enneagram Insight, LLC program for therapists. She enjoys assisting
couples who are struggling with emotional intimacy and communication issues. Abby also
specializes in working with high school-age females on anxiety management, social media
boundaries, suicidal ideation, and identity exploration.  Her other areas of focus are family of
origin issues, self-esteem, life transitions, issues of faith, anxiety, feeling identification and
expression, and managing anger. Additionally, Abby is a Certified SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage
Before It Starts) Assessment Facilitator for premarital counseling services.

She believes that everyone has a purposeful story and that the insights gained through therapy
can help clients to better make sense of it. She embraces a collaborative approach with clients,
viewing them as resourceful, insightful, and experts of themselves. When clients work
diligently in and out of session toward their treatment goals, she believes that it paves the way
for positive change.

Abby is available Monday-Thursday and hours vary each day. She offers evening hours on
Mondays and Wednesdays.